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Kelly Macdonald's 10 Favorite Books
Just the title would be enough for me to love this book. I love reading about the South and the motley band of characters that McCullers has drawn; I have a soft spot for the tomboy, Mick Kelly. She's feisty and feral. There's a description of her and ...

Energy Express students perform their take on classic books
While hallways were decked out in bright colors, students stood before a rainbow-parachute backdrop dressed in costumes they customized themselves as they prepared to put on shows based on books they read this summer. Books of choice for Tuesday's ...

Consumer Book Publishing Market 2018 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities Forecast To 2025
This report provides in depth study of “Consumer Book Publishing Market” using SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat to the organization. The Consumer Book Publishing Market report also provides an in-depth survey of key ...

The UK Is Buying Books In Records Numbers So Maybe The Internet Isn't Ruining Everything After All
Here's some news which bucks the trend of stories about the internet and technology taking over our entire lives: sales of books in the UK are soaring. When the Kindle was launched in 2007 many publishers predicted it would result in the death of ...

Scholastic Sales and Earnings Dropped in Fiscal 2018
With sales of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child selling more than 4.5 million copies in the fiscal year ended May 31, 2017, Scholastic had total revenue in the year of $1.74 billion with its children's book publishing and distribution group ...

9 Transportive Books To Read When You Need A Break From City Life But Can't Afford A Getaway
A good book can transform any space into the Gobi Desert or the English countryside or the far-reaches of outer space. You may be reading these books on the subway or listening to them on audiobook as you sit in traffic, but no matter where you are ...

Exclusive: Comic Book Publisher and Writer Vox Day Responds to Allegations He's A White Supremacist
Vox is currently the writer on the comic book series Alt-Hero, which is under his Arkhaven Comics publishing label. Not only does he publish Arkhaven Comics, but he also runs Castalia House which is a publishing company that manages Arkhaven Comics ...

Karin Slaughter: By the Book
What books are on your nightstand? A galley of Lee Child's upcoming “Past Tense”; “The Death of Democracy: Hitler's Rise to Power and the Downfall of the Weimar Republic,” by Benjamin Carter Hett; “The Lost Life of Eva Braun,” by Angela Lambert; “Circe ...

THE B-LIST: These books won't be re-released with movie covers
It is a truth universally acknowledged that every time a book is adapted for the big screen, there will be a passionate debate over which is better: the source material or the adapt. Usually, I hold with the "purists" who insist the movie or series ...

Book sales skyrocket but authors report shrinking incomes
Book sales were up 5% on the previous year, according to annual figures released by the Publishers Association. In sharp contrast, a recent survey of authors' earnings revealed a 42% drop over the last decade, with the median annual income now below ...

New law forces Airbnb to open its books to New York authorities
The New York City Council has voted in favor of a new law requiring Airbnb and similar home-share companies to share data on their users. The company has fought the law tooth and nail, but city authorities say it's basically common sense for the local ...

Children's book set in Shirley Heinze Land Trust Nature Preserves
“Shirley Heinze has a long tradition of book publishing, and this book offers an engaging way to introduce children as well as adults to our nature preserves”, says Executive Director Kristopher Krouse. “Our hope is to encourage readers to visit their ...

The Best Notes Atlas Obscura Readers Found in Used Books
And one of the greatest things about used books are the weird, funny, sad, or just plain unforgettable notes you can often find left behind by previous readers. We reached out to members of the Atlas Obscura community and asked them to tell us about ...

Books don't have to end
I spent much of last winter contemplating the hundreds of books on the bookshelves in my mother's foyer. I flipped through them, read passages, arranged and rearranged them on the shelves. I brought some of them to used bookstores, and made everyone ...

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