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Consigned Books to host new release Saturday
"It starts in a little coal town, Raven, Virginia, in September 1944 and you will walk with the Colonel for 72 years," book store owner Cindy K. Black wrote in a news release. "How it was in his childhood to Richlands High School, Navy, and 35 years ...

Essential Reading: 5 Books About Dramatic Supreme Court Nomination Hearings
Ethan Bronner's “Battle for Justice” (1989) dissects the hearings for Robert H. Bork, who was nominated by Ronald Reagan in 1987. According to The Times's critic Christopher Lehmann-Haupt the “mesmerizing” book lays out the intellectual and ideological ...

We visited Amazon's first neighborhood bookstore and saw how it could change the industry for good
"We started out as an online bookstore 20 years ago — we were founded as a bookstore and we are passionate readers and book lovers," Jennifer Cast, a vice president at Amazon Books, told Business Insider. "We also realized we had an opportunity to ...

CBS46 gives thousands of books to kids at Cobb County elementary - CBS46 News
Several members of the CBS46 team made their way to Bryant Elementary School in Cobb County to give away thousands of books, including CBS46 anchors Sharon Reed, Amanda Davis, Tracye Hutchins and Mike Dunston. It's part of our CBS46 Books to ...

Book Promotion Brilliance: The Great Unboxing Video
Paul Amirault is a first-time author and self-publisher and an independent TV producer who, after 12 years, wrote — and is most of the way through the process of self-publishing — his first book. It's a memoir of reincarnation, past-life regression ...

Ellen DeGeneres Shares Hilarious Trump-Inspired Children's Books
On Tuesday's episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the host discussed the news that Chelsea Clinton wrote a children's book about inspiring women titled, She Persisted. In light of this fact, DeGeneres noted, President Donald Trump will also be ...

Square Books Creates Broadside Welcoming All
Square Books owner Richard Howorth wrote the broadside in the spring of 2016 when the Mississippi legislature approved a law allowing individuals, religious organizations, and private associations holding a religious or moral belief that homosexuality ...

BTW News Briefs
Beginning in March, Penguin Random House, the book's publisher, will donate 1,000 copies of Americanah to New York City's three public library systems. A series of free events based on the novel's themes of immigration, feminism, and race will begin in ...

Books in brief
Science writer Paul Bogard chronicled the invasion of nocturnal darkness by light pollution in The End of Night (Little, Brown, 2013; see T. Radford Nature 499, 26–27; 2013). Here he delves into another overlooked resource — soil. This “wonderland ...

The number of books you'll read before you die, charted
Every good bibliophile lives in a hamster wheel of literary pressure: There have always been, and will always be, more great books to read than there is time to read them. Not just in the workaday sense—the job stuff, family stuff, and “ooh a new ...

Adult Book Sales Fell, Kids Books Rose in October
Sales of adult trade books fell 13.1% in October compared to October 2015, while sales in the children's/young adult segment rose 1.9%, according to figures released Wednesday morning by the AAP as part of its StatShot program. The decline in adult ...

Lollapalooza 2017 Books Tucker Beathard and Ryan Adams
Tucker Beathard and Ryan Adams are among the country and rock acts booked for the 26th Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. The 2017 lineup was announced Wednesday (March 22). Muse, Chance the Rapper, The Killers and Arcade Fire will ...

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Paris-based artist, architect and filmmaker Marc Johnson was awarded 15,000 AUD for his book fecund lacuna / lacune féconde, published by French publishing house Analogues, at an announcement on March 16, 2017 at the National Gallery of Victoria, ...

Christian Books Selling Well at Hobby Lobby
Hobby Lobby, the arts-and-crafts retailing giant based in Oklahoma City, has seen sales “exceeding our expectations” since adding Christian books and Bibles to its inventory in July, said the store's book buyer Kevin McDonell. The stores had sold a few ...

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