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7 Books That Shaped Me Into The Woman I Am Today
I've always been a reader, and I always return to the books that shaped me into the woman I am today. These novels are what I reach for when I'm sad, happy, scared, nervous, tired, bored, lonely, and every emotion in-between. In the best of times and ...

Five Books By Women Everyone Should Read This Summer
Summer is halfway over, sure, but we still have the prime beach and vacation month of August stretching ahead of us (not to mention Labor Day weekend). That's still plenty of time to catch up on juicy summer reading, so here are five books to dog-ear ...

My 10 Favorite Books: Tilda Swinton
This book should, in my humble opinion, replace Gideon in hotel bedside tables the world over. An examination of what it means to be alive, an essay for every possible constituent part of the human experience, built upon the endearing and radically ...

Tens of thousands of used books up for grabs at annual Bay County sale
BANGOR TWP. — The stack of cooking and gardening books resting on a folding chair next to Diane Rodammer reached nearly as high as her shoulders. In all, there were 20 books. But they weren't just chosen willy-nilly. The Bay City resident is a 10-year ...

Top Lombardi books: 'When Pride Still Mattered' and 'Run to Daylight'
What are, in your opinion, some of the best books on Packers or NFL history? First, I admire your hunger for knowledge. History is the greatest teacher of all. And thanks for the kind words. You mentioned “When Pride Still Mattered,” David Maraniss ...

Books on Broadway to sell latest Harry Potter volume in wee hours
Books on Broadway plans to open its doors around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday in preparation for the widely anticipated release of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two” on a date that doubles as the storied wizard's birthday. Sealed boxes of ...

Harry Potter is about to upend the publishing business in a whole new way
The market for plays, publishing industry insiders say, is near nonexistent, perhaps with the exception of Shakespeare. But that appears set to change this weekend, when the book for “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two” is released at ...

Educational reads: CNY books and authors
The former Syracuse movie reviewer has once again partnered with Shea T. Brode to produce two new books for cinema academics. "Debating Disney: Pedagogical Perspectives on Commercial Cinema" and "It's the Disney Version!: Popular Cinema and ...

10 Must-Read Books To Develop Your Leadership Skills
Leadership development is a necessity in today's fast-moving business climate. What worked yesterday or last week may not work today, and those leaders best prepared to adjust when needed are the ones who keep employees engaged and projects ...

10 New Design Books You Need To Read Before Summer Ends
It's a great time to catch up on your reading, and luckily there are plenty of new books out this summer for design fans. We combed through publisher catalogs and new release tables at bookstores to pull together our favorites, from monographs to ...

A decade after the “last” book, Harry Potter is back and breaking records again
It's been nine years almost to the day that millions of kids slammed their books shut on the final chapter of JK Rowling's wizard epic starring the black-haired orphan-messiah Harry Potter. This week, the series, which sold 450 million copies worldwide ...

Jackson Bookstore Giving Away Thousands Of Books In Stockton
The books come from a bookstore in Jackson which no longer had the room to store them. The used books cover everything from novels to cookbooks, but no children's books. Nathan Werth with the Little Free Library Stockton Association says the books ...

Books Banned In Jail, Can Be Used As Weapon
So Captain Kenny Yates said the books that come into the jail are screened for more than their content because some can be turned in to weapons. For that reason, he told us there are regulations on the type and size of reading material they approve ...

Books for Troops moves to Route 9 storefront in Latham
After years in unheated garages and basements, Books for Troops moved into a large storefront on Route 9 in Latham and celebrated with an open house last Sunday. The all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization has shipped more than 400,000 donated ...

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